Are you in the market for a new mattress?

 We prefer a foam mattress over one with springs from all the medium-firm cooling mattresses on the market. This is because, over time, the steel coils wear out unevenly, which can lead to too much weight being exerted on the upper back and not enough on the lower back or vice versa. The whole spine can literally be bent by all that strain on one place. Launch the quest for quality sleep with these three best mattresses for back pain with all of these chiropractor-approved considerations in mind. Please note that no two incidents of back pain or body pain are the same, because there is no one mattress out there that fits everyone. That is why, whether in-store or with an at-home trial, we suggest best foam mattresses. You just have to try them on occasion, similar to running shoes, to see which one is the most convenient for you.

Polah Original Mattress

The Polah Original 10 gets a gold star when it comes to relieving the burden on the most common pressure points. In durability tests, the Polah Initial 10 was found to alleviate pressure on the legs, knees, and back four times more than conventional memory foam. Plus, rather than trapping it, the specialty foam is engineered to dissipate heat, meaning you can stay cool and cozy all night long. The top of the cherry? A natural cover made of viscose that wicks away moisture. Boost yourself between the sheets for the end of humid evenings, folks.

Pexiliex Mattress

The Pexiliex Dusk Luxe offers strong lumbar support under the hips and an ever-so-soft feeling under the shoulders to better balance the spine, making it suitable for back sleepers, covered with a breathable, moisture-wicking shell. Although coils to cradle the body are included in this best back pain mattress, each of the thousand wires is wrapped and lies under three high-density foam layers. Translation: Warmth and pain release that never disappears. However, what makes it one of the strongest back pain curing mattresses is the pressure-relieving foam, which is the substance that was initially created by NASA to withstand the g-force of astronauts during shuttle launches.


Wixinkbed ‘s Memory Luxe, coming in hot with seven layers of foam, contours your body like a ball of squishy dough, all while keeping your joints and spine balanced. Thanks to the AirCell foam, a sort of memory foam made from billions of microscopic shock-absorbing air capsules, these seriously convenient features are. Each capsule releases air as pressure rises, relieving built-up pressure that creates tension in the shoulders and hips as you sit on your side.

We hope this useful information will help you make your decision today!